Dead Space Directors Working On Next Battlefield As 2042 Development Wraps Up
Image: Battlefield 4, DICE

We have some interesting news coming out surrounding the Battlefield franchise today, as EA presses on towards its next release in the FPS franchise. First off, Battlefield 2042 Season 7 will be the game's final seasonal update, while the team has also dropped some fresh details on the development of future Battlefield titles.

Let's start with a little more information on 2042. To cut to the chase, EA and DICE are wrapping up seasonal content updates to allow more of the team to move over to development on the next game. As a result, Season 7 will be 2042's last major update, with ongoing maintenance to then be performed by a smaller team of developers.

Speaking of Battlefield's next entry, we also have fresh information on the future of the franchise today. EA Motive, the team behind Star Wars: Squadrons and the Dead Space Remake, has revealed that a chunk of the studio will be working on the next Battlefield - including the two Dead Space directors Philippe Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola. Their "proven expertise" with the Frostbite Engine will "help advance the vision for Battlefield".

As for concrete details on whatever the next Battlefield turns out to be, those are a little harder to come by at the moment. EA closed down one of its Battlefield campaign studios back in February, while rumours of an included battle royale mode have also been doing the rounds recently. Whatever happens, we're hoping these EA teams get the time they need to execute on their vision for the next Battlefield.

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