SEGA has posted a new video about staffing up for its big Crazy Taxi reboot project, with the team needing more developers on board to create what sounds like a pretty ambitious title. With the upcoming reboot, SEGA is heading down the open world multiplayer road, and it needs more talent to bring this vision to life.

Alongside the staffing up pledge, which you can watch through up above, various job listings have also been posted that confirm some additional details about the new Crazy Taxi.

Here's some of the information from those job listings, roughly translated from Japanese:

"For the launch of a new large-scale online title (large-scale project, open world, mass multiplayer driving game), we are looking for a lead game designer,

Using the latest Unreal Engine, you will participate in a project that aims to be a global hit, mainly in the North American market."

Back in February, SEGA also made a statement by announcing that the new Crazy Taxi will be a "Triple-A title", so it sounds like the team is going all-out with this reboot - once it can get the right devs on board anyway.

At the time of writing we don't have any confirmed release plans or platforms for Crazy Taxi, which is understandable given how early-in-development this looks right now. When we have more information about an Xbox launch, we'll of course let you know.

Excited about this one, folks? Wary about a multiplayer focus? Tell us what you think down below.