Xbox's Avowed Is Fully Playable In Third-Person, Confirms Obsidian

In the aftermath of the Xbox Games Showcase, Avowed developer Obsidian starting going a bit more in-depth about its upcoming fantasy RPG, including the ability to switch to a third-person perspective. At the time, details on this were a little vague, but now the team has confirmed that the game is fully playable in third-person mode.

In a new interview with RPG Site, Obsidian dev Gabe Paramo gave a nice straight answer when asked about the option. Here's that exchange:

"RPG Site: You showed briefly in the recent podcast a third-person mode, the whole game is playable in third person?

Gabe Paramo: Yep!"

Paramo went on to say that while the game was primarily designed as a first-person RPG, third-person mode has been in development for a long time - "it's not one of those things where we could just switch on in the last few months".

The full interview is well worth a read, with Obsidian talking about the game's companions, dialogue options, combat and lots more in the lengthy chat. Oh, and if you're interested in how Xbox buying out Obsidian helped the team focus on single-player for Avowed, we've talked about that elsewhere on Pure Xbox:

Will you be playing Avowed in first or third-person? Vote in the poll below and take your pick!

How Will You Play Through Avowed? (384 votes)

  1. In first-person mode21%
  2. In third-person mode44%
  3. A mixture of both35%