In the wake of the Xbox Games Showcase this weekend, we're starting to see additional trailers and info dumps land for some of the titles shown off during the livestream - and the Official Xbox Podcast has just dropped a pretty huge deep dive on Obsidian's upcoming RPG Avowed.

In the video up above, the Xbox team sits down to discuss lots of juicy details on Avowed - but one small snippet of gameplay has us the most intrigued. As one of the clips slows down to an in-game camp area, whoever's playing seems to switch to a third-person viewpoint briefly - in a similar fashion to Bethesda RPGs where the player can choose between first and third-person cameras.

This clip is at roughly the 10-minute mark up above, but we'll also drop a handy tweet down below that showcases the clip; while also providing a summary of what Obsidian details in this new deep dive:

Now, we must stress that the clip is very short, and the team doesn't really talk about this third-person perspective much throughout the rest of the video. It does appear to be a simple toggle that you can switch between, but it could be something that's exclusive to exploring camps and such during downtime, so do bear that in mind before we get more detail on this.

Anyway, the full video is well worth checking out if you're hyped for Obsidian's next big RPG - there's lots to go at in here, as Klobrille's tweet up above suggests!

Would you be more into Avowed if third-person is a proper option? Tell us what you're thinking down below.