Xbox 360 Users Warn Of Issues With Certain Content On The Old Store

As we highlighted earlier this week, another batch of Xbox 360 deals went live recently ahead of the old store's closure next month, and as a result we're seeing a lot of 360 owners picking up as many bargains as possible before July 29th.

That's all well and good, but what about buying DLC? That's sadly not quite as simple, as some Xbox 360 owners are finding that they can't access their paid DLC because of issues with how the store functions in 2024.

This is noted in a new video from Randomised Gaming, where the Xbox 360 owner shows how they've been unable to get the Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show Season Pass to download, even though they've bought it.

"So I purchased the Season Pass and then went to the in-game store, which then said all the DLC was free to download. Clicked to download them, and got the error message 80153003."

Status Code: 80153003: "This may mean that the download or purchase failed, or that the content is no longer available from the Store. If you can no longer find the content when searching, it may have been removed."

They go on to mention how they believe that buying the single DLC packs still works, but the Season Pass doesn't for whatever reason. It's been suggested that other games may suffer from this as well, such as Assassin's Creed 3, Life is Strange, Far Cry 4, L.A. Noire and Gears of War 3 (thanks to Pure Xbox user Fallingshadow for this tip!).

Fortunately, Microsoft does seem to be providing refunds to most people who have experienced issues like this, so if you find yourself in the same position, it's definitely worth getting in touch with Xbox Support.

username6127 on YouTube: "I had a similar issue with Life is Strange. It downloaded the Season Pass just fine, but no matter what I did, it would not let me acquire and install the episodes within the Season Pass. Whenever I hovered over an episode to download to my 360 (both in-game and in the store), it would act as if I never got it and asked me to purchase the individual episodes. I was able to get a refund on the Season Pass thankfully, but having to buy the episodes separately was annoying and left a mildly bad taste in my mouth...

Sadly, this is one of a series of issues with the Xbox 360 store that you might run into, with another problem including an inability to re-download certain titles. As mentioned in another video by Randomised Gaming (and also experienced by ourselves), a small number of games revert back to 0% while you're downloading them, and never seem to finish.

We've only got a month left until the store shuts down for good, so it seems pretty unlikely that Microsoft will remedy this before the closure date. Something to keep in mind over the coming weeks!

Have you come across any problems with the Xbox 360 store lately? Tell us in the comments below.