If you're bored of what EA Sports FC and eFootball are providing on Xbox these days, then you'll be interested to know that UFL is making its debut with an Open Beta on Xbox this weekend, multiple years since it was first announced.

If you're interested in taking part, we've put together this brief guide with information on the UFL release date, launch time, preload details and more - getting you ready for arrival of this new football game with big aspirations.

Let's take a look at all the Xbox-specific details for the UFL Open Beta:

UFL Open Beta: Xbox Release Date

The UFL Open Beta releases for Xbox Series X and Series S on June 7th, 2024.

It's entirely free to download on those two consoles, but unfortunately Xbox One players will miss out.

UFL Open Beta: Xbox Launch Time

UFL's Open Beta is set to begin at 5am PT / 8am ET / 1pm BST on June 7th, and finish at 7pm PT / 10pm ET / 3am BST on June 9th/10th.

This is according to the official UFL app on Xbox.

UFL Open Beta: Xbox Preload Details

As mentioned, the UFL Open Beta is free to download on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S right now, with the pre-install's download size clocking in at around 20GB. To find it, you just need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store app on your Xbox console
  2. Search for "UFL Open Beta"
  3. Hit the install button
  4. Wait until Friday to start playing!

If you've played a private UFL Beta in the past, you'll need to download this new version from scratch.

What Can I Expect From UFL?

UFL seems to be built around an Ultimate Team-style mode in which it's your goal to build a squad and take them online against other players. The intention, according to the developers, is to avoid any pay-to-win elements in this mode.

The gameplay has been shown off on multiple occasions over the past few years, so we've got an idea of how it'll look and play when it arrives on Xbox this weekend. That said, it's been a while since any raw footage of a UFL match has been shared, so it remains to be seen how it's developed in recent months.

If you're keen to know more, we'll link to some of our older UFL coverage here at Pure Xbox down below:

So, those are just a few details about the UFL Open Beta ahead of its arrival on Xbox this weekend! We'll definitely be taking to the pitch beginning this Friday and hoping for good things, and we think a lot of Xbox fans will join us too!

Will You Be Playing UFL On Xbox This Weekend? (74 votes)

  1. Definitely! I can't wait for it!35%
  2. I may as well give it a try, right?36%
  3. Maybe, I'm not sure yet5%
  4. Probably not, but you never know8%
  5. Not interested to be honest!15%

Excited for UFL's open beta on Xbox? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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