Roundup: All The Xbox Reveals From The PC Gaming Show 2024
Image: Copa City

Just after the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 ended yesterday, the good folks over at PC Gamer held the PC Gaming Show 2024 - and it featured plenty of Xbox games including some upcoming Xbox Game Pass titles!

Some of the highlights here include a new Cities: Skylines-style football game called Copa City, a Game Pass reveal in the form of Star Trucker along with an early 2025 window for Citizen Sleeper 2, and the launch trailer for June's much-anticipated Still Wakes The Deep!

So, here are all the Xbox reveals from the PC Gaming Show 2024:

Steel Seed (TBD)

"Sci-fi stealth action game Steel Seed teases some of the story underneath the bloody combat in a new trailer, why not give it a watch?"

Killing Floor 3 (Early 2025)

"Action horror, genetic freaks, and new methods of survival warfare. We give you an exclusive look at the first gameplay reveal of Killing Floor 3. We sit down with the team at Tripwire to take you behind the scenes and find out what we can expect from the third instalment in the Killing Floor series."

Copa City (TBD 2025)

"Copa City is the "first football tycoon" game where you'll manage stadium logistics, fan foot traffic, and the chaos of game day."

Tempopo (TBD)

"Return your magical flower instruments to their rightful home with the help of some adorable ditzy bulbs. Tempopo is a musical puzzler from the developers that brought you Unpacking."

Citizen Sleeper 2 (Early 2025) - Game Pass

"Want to see how Citizen Sleeper 2 actually plays? The PC Gaming Show 2024 has an exclusive look at gameplay in the follow up to 2022's Citizen Sleeper."

Demonschool (September 13, 2024)

"Ysbryd's spooky RPG Demonschool is nearly here, and what better way to announce your release date than an animated trailer? Demonschool will launch on September 13, 2024."

Unbeatable (September 13, 2024)

"Unbeatable is an exceedingly cool rhythm RPG "where music is illegal" coming in 2025. Give the trailer a watch, but be aware the music is going to be in your head all day."

Core Keeper (August 27, 2024)

"One of our favourite co-op survival games - Core Keeper - is getting two new classes as it hits full release this summer."

Crescent County (TBD)

"Brooms at the ready with this exclusive first look at Electric Saint's debut title Crescent County."

Star Trucker (September 3, 2024) - Game Pass

"Americana-infused job sim Star Trucker is cleared for launch in September."

Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn (July 18, 2024) - Game Pass

"Magic and gunpowder-powered "souls-lite" Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn is bringing a demo to Steam Next Fest."

Still Wakes The Deep (June 18, 2024) - Game Pass

"A new horror from the creators of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is coming later this month. Strap yourself in for a grizzly aquatic cosmic horror."

The Rise Of The Golden Idol (TBD)

"The Rise of the Golden Idol is going full Columbo with its '70s setting, and the demo is out now."

Grit And Valor (TBD 2025)

"Grit and Valor asks the important questions: what if World War 2 had some big stompy robots and was instead a turn-based tactics game with more than a hint of sci-fi?"

Island Of Winds (TBD 2025)

"Embark on a journey through Icelandic folklore in upcoming adventure game Island of Winds."

What did you think of the PC Gaming Show 2024 from an Xbox perspective? Let us know down below.