Citizen Sleeper Dev Says Xbox Game Pass Is 'Keeping A Lot Of Indie Studios Going'

We all love Xbox Game Pass here at Pure Xbox, and as it turns out, plenty of indie studios seem grateful for the service and its security too. We've heard this from small devs and publishers before, and this week, the Citizen Sleeper creator has talked about how the service is keeping plenty of studios going right now.

Spotted over on Reddit, Citizen Sleeper designer Gareth Damian Martin says that Xbox Game Pass "was massive for Citizen Sleeper" and that he "thinks Game Pass is keeping a lot of indie studios going right now". This chat about the service originates from Edge Magazine, and we'll drop the full snippet down below:

As you can see, Martin claims that while the money may be a small amount for Xbox owner Microsoft, to them it "means we can make another videogame". In this particular case, Citizen Sleeper 2 is now well into development with Martin at the helm.

This scenario doesn't always seem to be the case though. Casey Yano, co-founder of Slay The Spire studio Mega Crit Games, and Darkest Dungeon director Chris Bourassa, recently claimed that deals with the likes of Xbox Game Pass and Epic Games Store seemed to be getting smaller - although Yano later clarified that the comments were aimed more at Epic than Microsoft.

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