Marvel Vs. Capcom Fan Starts Petition To Bring New Collection To Xbox
Image: Capcom

Last week the fighting game community received some exciting news, with Capcom announcing the return of the Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection on the Switch and PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, Xbox is set to miss out on it at this stage.

While there's been a lot of talk about why Xbox is being skipped, including reports of the game engine no longer supporting Xbox One, some Xbox and fighting fans alike are still determined to convince Capcom to release it on Microsoft's current generation hardware with the assistance of a petition.

James 'Dalonestranja' Betts, the creator of this petition on titled 'Marvel vs Capcom Fighting Collection for Xbox Series', notes how the "Xbox community" has been begging for this collection for years and asks not to be excluded from the party.

"Please me and a lot of the Xbox community have been begging for this collection for years along with everyone else! Please don't leave us out. We don't have a way to access neither of these games legally. Me and other's Xbox fans have supported your collections and games. Please give us your game too! I can die a happy man plus this would look nice next to my other Capcom collections titles and other games!"

It's been a slow start but at the time of writing, the petition has now received more than 1,000 signatures. Apparently, this campaign has even got some assistance from the "PlayStation Bros and Sisters":

Capcom hasn't outright stated it won't be releasing this new collection on Xbox or anything like that, but in the initial announcement there was no sign of Microsoft's console platforms. While Xbox hasn't always been the number one system for fighting games, the current generation hardware has had no problem attracting heavy hitters like Street Fighter, Tekken and Mortal Kombat.

Apart from the new Street Fighter 6 game, Capcom previously released its Fighting Collection and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on Xbox.

Do you think we'll see this collection show up on Xbox eventually? Let us know in the comments.