Yesterday's Nintendo Direct livestream gave us some great third-party announcements for Xbox, but we did also stumble across a few more titles that are strangely skipping Microsoft's platform. One of those is the Marvel Vs. Capcom Fighting Collection, and a couple of sources are now suggesting that an old game engine is the reason behind this Xbox omission.

Capcom game aficionado Jawmuncher has suggested on Twitter that the 'MT Framework' game engine has stopped supporting Xbox One in the last few years, and that could explain why only certain Capcom games are skipping Xbox. For instance, more modern Capcom games like the Resident Evil remakes and Dragon's Dogma 2 are now using 'RE Engine' - which is fully supported on both Xbox One and Series X|S.

While this tweet is as much speculation as anything else, Windows Central has gone on to back up this suggestion with more concrete information. As part of an article on these Capcom misses, the outlet added this statement as a short update last night:

"We saw a suggestion from Jawmuncher on Twitter (X) that Capcom's MT Framework engine is to blame for the recent spate of Xbox omissions. Our sources indicate that this is correct. Right now, Capcom has no pipeline for porting older MT Framework titles to Xbox's modern ERA system, which makes it more expensive to deliver the same titles than it would porting them to PlayStation 4, Switch, or PC. Perhaps Microsoft could step in to lend a hand here? We can only hope."

We've seen Microsoft make special arrangements in the past for certain dev teams, like the whole Baldur's Gate 3 situation, but it remains to be seen if they'd do something similar when money is seemingly the biggest factor here. Let's see how this situation plays out, and whether Capcom comes out to clarify things in the coming days.

What do you make of this theory? Tell us your thoughts on the situation down below.