Who says Xbox games only thrive on Game Pass, eh? Digital Cybercherries, the team behind hit shooter Hypercharge: Unboxed, has today announced that the title surpassed 100,000 Xbox sales in under a month - a feat the dev describes as "a really big deal" for a team of just six employees.

Right at the start of the month, we learned that Hypercharge had a very successful launch on the platform, but we didn't expect it to hit this many sales in less than a month - especially considering the game has been out on PC and Switch for a while at this point!

Here's a quote from the team's Joe Henson on this "incredible figure":

"I’ve been thanking everyone a lot recently, but with us now hitting 100k sales on Xbox, it’s my pleasure to do it again - so thank you to everyone that has bought this game and helped us to hit this incredible figure,

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, 100k might not seem like much in comparison to the big AAA studios, but in the context of an industry facing a lot of challenges at the moment, for a small team of six, with no support from a big-publisher, this is really a big deal! Thank you again to everyone who has supported us!"

As for our thoughts on the game here at Pure Xbox? Well, we certainly think it's worth the price of admission if you're curious. This is a first and third-person shooter well worth having a bash with on Xbox, and if you'd like to read more about it, check out our full written review down below.

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