We've covered Hypercharge Unboxed a lot recently here at Pure Xbox - there was a review, an interview and some pre-release content that we shared - and perhaps we played a small part in the game launching to very impressive sales!

As things stand, Hypercharge is the #8 "Top Paid" game on the UK Xbox charts and #12 in the US, and back on June 2nd, the team revealed that the game had already sold 40,000 copies in just under three days since the Xbox launch.

Here's a small sample of what they've been saying over the past few days:

"Okay. I'm really emotional right now. We've just sold over 25,000 copies of Hypercharge on Xbox, in less than 24 hours!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?"


"Anything is possible if you believe and work hard enough! It took me and our team of six a long time to get where we are! If you're struggling, please know that you are good enough and you can achieve great things! Success is subjective - find what makes you happy!"

So, when people say that Xbox fans don't buy indie games, you can show them this! Hypercharge seems to be off to a great start on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and hopefully that continues in the days and weeks to come.

We obviously enjoyed it too, giving Hypercharge: Unboxed a "Great" 8/10 score in our Pure Xbox review last Thursday, and stating that it "delivers fantastic first and third-person shooting across a good variety of maps and modes".

Did you end up buying Hypercharge Unboxed? Let us know what you think of it down below.