Insurgency: Sandstorm is getting another major update on all platforms, just under a year on from when the FPS title first arrived on Xbox Game Pass. This particular update is dubbed 'Operation: Crisis', and it brings a new map, new weapons, a new limited-time game mode and more to the fantastic Game Pass shooter.

We've included the update trailer up at the top there, so you can take a look all of Insurgency's new goodies in action. Operation Crisis is out now, and here's a quick introduction to the new map; Trainyard:

"All aboard for action! Introducing Trainyard, the newest original map for Insurgency: Sandstorm! Whether you’re engaging in CQB, mid-range skirmishes, or picking off enemies with the newly added sniper rifles, Trainyard offers a brutal and immersive experience that will test your tactical prowess and sharpshooting skills. Ready to dominate on the field of battle? Your next mission starts here."

If you missed the news earlier this year, Sandstorm also got a major Xbox Series X|S upgrade that delivered up to 4K / 60FPS gameplay, faster SSD load times, improved textures and more. All good stuff then, and all of these extras have been delivered as free updates for the Game Pass title!

Are you still playing Sandstorm? Tempted to jump in with this update? Let us know in the comments!