DOOM: The Dark Ages Confirmed As A Day One PS5 Release In 2025

As you probably saw earlier this evening, Xbox and Bethesda just announced the much-rumoured DOOM: The Dark Ages - with id Software's prequel blasting onto Xbox Game Pass next year. We of course knew that the title would come to Microsoft's subscription service at launch, however, we've also now had confirmation that the game will release on PS5 day-and-date in 2025.

This is the next announcement in Microsoft's push to a more multiplatform future, following the early 2024 releases of Grounded, Hi-Fi RUSH, Pentiment and Sea Of Thieves on various other platforms. DOOM is clearly the biggest name amongst this list though - hinting that major franchises are certainly on the table for a multiplatform launch.

DOOM is a hugely established IP on loads of other platforms mind you, so we're not really surprised by today's announcement. Still, it stands to reason that other major Bethesda IP like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout will also make their way to PlayStation once we get around to future instalments in those series' actually coming to market.

What's less clear is the future of some of Xbox's own major franchises and where they'll land in future. The newly-revealed Gears of War: E-Day appears to be Xbox exclusive for the moment, but rumours have been floating around that a similarly back-to-the-roots take on Halo could come to PS5 one day. We await official confirmation on such a Halo project for now, but PlayStation players can safely look forward to DOOM: The Dark Ages on PS5 next year.

What do you think to Microsoft's strategy here? Step back into the Dark Ages and tell us down below.