Report: Xbox Is Working On A Halo Remaster, 'Considering' PS5 Release

Just as we thought all eyes were now on the Xbox Games Showcase this weekend, a megaton report from The Verge drops on us, containing details about a Halo remaster with a potential multiplatform release plan.

Yep, according to the outlet's reporter Tom Warren, Microsoft is spooling up plans to remaster Halo: Combat Evolved for the current generation - and it's even reportedly considering a PS5 release. Warren is quick to note that it's "early days for this remaster", and that its planned platforms are still to be determined.

"One game that is being considered for release on PS5 is Halo, though. Sources tell me Microsoft is working on some form of a Halo: Combat Evolved remaster that is also being considered for rival consoles."

The report also warns Xbox fans to not "expect Microsoft to announce this during the showcase", due to how early it is in development and how in-flux the plan is right now over at Team Green HQ. If this happens though, it'll mark an absolutely huge moment in Microsoft's multiplatform gaming plans.

For now, those multiplatform plans have been restricted to Grounded, Hi-Fi RUSH, Pentiment and Sea Of Thieves, but as part of 'Project Latitude', more games could end up moving to other platforms. Of course, it goes without saying that this is reported information at the moment, and don't take a Halo remaster of any kind as gospel until Xbox officially announces it.

Well, Xbox fans, what do you make of this? Keep it civil and discuss it all down below.