Capcom Promotes Xbox 360 Sale Ahead Of Next Month's Store Closure

Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed the second big batch of Xbox 360 marketplace discounts ahead of the old store's closure on July 29th, and Capcom is now highlighting the great titles that have been heavily reduced along the way.

As part of the sale, various Resident Evil, Bionic Commando and Devil May Cry games for the platform have been slashed by up to 90%, and there are a few others in the mix such as Remember Me and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Of course, some of these have since received updated versions for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and those versions will remain available for sale on the modern Xbox Store. Additionally, any backwards compatible titles will not be affected on modern consoles - they'll still be possible to purchase after July 29th.

If you want to grab any of these for your Xbox 360 in digital form though, you've only got just over a month until they're delisted for good. It's not just Capcom, either - hundreds of great titles are currently discounted on the old Xbox Store:

Are you picking up any of these Capcom classics for Xbox 360? Tell us in the comments below.