Things are starting to hot up as we approach Summer Game Fest and the Xbox Games Showcase this weekend, and another leak today has all-but confirmed that Amazon's New World MMO is coming to consoles soon.

As spotted on the PlayStation Store before being removed, a 'sponsored' banner appeared for 'New World: Aeternum' on PS5. Of course, at the moment the open-world MMO is only out on PC - but we'd assume that this banner briefly went live a little earlier than planned.

We say a little earlier because it's highly likely that the official announcement is mere hours away. The team behind New World has confirmed that it'll have "an exciting announcement" to share at Summer Game Fest, so yeah, we're now presuming this'll be the big console announcement!

For more details on Summer Game Fest, and all of the big gaming showcases happening throughout June, check out our handy explainers down below.

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