New World Xbox Release

Despite Amazon's track record of releasing less than favourable titles, their recent stab at the MMO genre entitled "New World" is proving to be a huge success on PC.

New World is the latest game from Amazon Games, which is making waves across the PC community. The launch day saw a sea of people attempting to enter the game, resulting in lengthy wait times and server problems. It's clear the game is a success, but will Xbox players get to experience what the fuss is all about? Let's take a look.

Is New World Coming To Xbox?

At present we don't have any definitive information surrounding an Xbox release, but that's not to say it won't happen. Currently, the game is only available on PC, but Amazon doesn't seem entirely closed to the idea of it coming to other platforms.

Initially, their comments seemed to suggest Xbox players wouldn't be seeing the game at all:

However, a new statement has recently come to light since its launch, which has changed the wording drastically. The team is now saying the game will be on PC for the "foreseeable future". The new message seems less confident that the game will remain a total PC exclusive.

What Is New World's Xbox Release Date?

After multiple delays, New World finally launched for PC on September 28. Unlike other titles which come with an exclusivity window, the game doesn't have a set amount of time it will be exclusive for PC - if it even comes to other platforms at all.

As a result, it's hard to gauge when the game could be making its jump to consoles, but it doesn't sound like it will be anytime soon judging by the previous comments of the "foreseeable future".

I Haven't Heard Of New World Before. What Type Of Game Is It?

New World is the latest attempt at the MMO genre, going against other goliaths such as World of Warcraft. It follows a similar gameplay style to other MMOs, however instead of featuring an auto lock-on feature, players are forced to use skill in real-time combat against foes.

If you've played games such as The Elder Scrolls Online or Final Fantasy XIV, you're going to feel right at home with New World. If you're eager to play something similar on Xbox, the addictive Neverwinter is also free-to-play and available now.

That's all we know about New World for now. Unlike other games which have posed this question, the expectation of an Xbox release isn't quite as definitive as others. That being said, it's not all out of the realms of possibility, as Xbox has proven to be a great home for MMO experiences.

Hopefully one day.

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