Well, we just got our brand-new Xbox Game Pass roundup for the back half of June, and there's one big surprise included in the form of Robin Hood: Sherwood Builders. This is a PC Action RPG that was previously unannounced for consoles, and now it's confirmed for an Xbox Series X|S release this month - on Game Pass no less!

This recent Robin Hood release has gotten a 'Mostly Positive' reception on Steam so far, and it's described as "an action-adventure RPG with base-building elements". Here's more information on the June 27th Xbox Game Pass title:

"Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders is an action-adventure RPG with base-building elements, where you take on the role of a classic hero who stands up to the tyranny and injustice that haunts Sherwood. As Robin, you’ll fight, hunt, craft, steal, and of course help the local people thrive to spite the Sheriff of Nottingham and his ruthless regime – all within an open-world environment that can be freely explored.

As Robin's people grow large in number and strong in sword arm, an uprising in Nottingham may just become a reality, ending the Sheriff's tyranny once and for all. Can Robin Hood and his Merry Men survive and put an end to injustice? Their fate is up to you!"

Will you be trying out this Robin Hood adventure on Game Pass? Tell us if you're helping out the Nottingham locals down below.