Call of Duty
Image: Xbox

Following a recent report claiming Xbox was considering not including new Call of Duty releases on Game Pass, it seems Microsoft's gaming division remains committed to "day one" releases.

Xbox president Sarah Bond has mentioned at the Bloomberg Technology Summit this week how "day one" releases are still very much part of the plans going forward. Here's exactly what she had to say:

Sarah Bond: "We know our core users love Game Pass. Game Pass is a gaming subscription, you get a whole portfolio of games, but importantly, you get every single one of our games we build day one in Game Pass. And the quality and the breath of those games has only been going up over time and you're going to some more really big games going into Game Pass this year...across the whole slate, you're going to see some really amazing things and keeping that is something that is really special for Xbox players is central for us."

The interviewer also asked if this included Activision Blizzard titles, with Bond reiterating how it was titles from across "the whole slate".

The same report from The Verge yesterday also claimed Game Pass Ultimate could potentially receive a price hike:

If we hear any significant updates, we'll let you know.