Xbox Design Lab Is Offering Free Engravings For The Rest Of May

If you're in the mood to treat yourself or you've racked up a sizeable number of Microsoft Rewards points, Xbox Design Lab is a great way to personalise your Xbox experience with a custom controller for Xbox One, Series X and Series S.

One of the personalisations you can add along the way is an engraving at the bottom of the controller, and as of today until the end of the month, this can now be added for free. Here's the confirmation of this courtesy of Xbox:

We've dabbled with Xbox Design Lab in the past and had a great experience with it, but obviously you need to keep in mind that the more unique elements you add, the more you're going to spend. Aside from the engraving, of course!

So, for those who are interested in picking up a new Xbox controller this month, it's worth at least playing around with the Xbox Design Lab editor and seeing what you can come up with - get creative and show us your designs below!

Have you ever bought anything from the Xbox Design Lab? Tell us in the comments section.