Skull & Bones is getting a week-long free trial shortly, just as the game's second season of content washes ashore. Ubisoft has announced that players across all platforms can try the game out for free from May 30th through June 6th, and there'll be "no content limitations" during this time.

That should mean that free trial players can experience all of what Skull & Bones Season 2 brings to the table - as the game's second season has been announced for a May 28th release as well. For what to expect from Season 2, check out the above story trailer which provides a sneak peek at what's to come.

"The Hubac Twins have been dispatched by the Compagnie Royale to seize control of the Indian Ocean and eliminate the pirate scourge. Demonstrating dangerous abilities through song, they blaze across the high seas, hunting pirates in a violent duet and laying claim to the region’s riches."

Ubisoft will no-doubt be hoping that this double combo of fresh content and a free trial brings new and returning players to Skull & Bones. Despite boasting "record player engagement" at launch, the game seems to have dropped off dramatically since, with True Achievements reporting that Skull & Bones has lost 90% of its Xbox players since release.

Anyway, we'll see how all of this shakes out in the coming weeks, and whether this flurry of seafaring goodies allows Skull & Bones to make another big splash on Xbox.

Are you thinking you might give this free trial a go? Tell us if you're assembling your Skull & Bones crew down below.