Ubisoft has been beating its Season 1 drum for Skull & Bones this week, as the team brings more content to the open-world pirate adventure. Tucked into a press release about the game's new season, the publisher has also boasted about "record player engagement" with the title so far.

The way Ubisoft is measuring this player engagement is with daily hours played. "Over four hours of average daily playtime" have been recorded - the team hasn't provided any sales figures or total concurrent player records for now.

Speaking of records, we're not exactly sure what record this is holding. Ubisoft says that this player engagement figure is the company's "second highest ever", so, it hasn't reached the top spot using its own metric.

External reports have claimed that Skull & Bones has gotten off to a slow start so far, with roughly 850,000 players jumping in at the time of the below report - including free trial players. Ultimately we'll have to see how this one does in the long run, but for now, the team is building out its post-launch plan - starting with Season 1 which is now live.

What do you think of Ubisoft's apparent 'record' here? Tell us if you've tried the game out down below.