Report: Ubisoft's Skull & Bones Gets Off To Slow Start Despite Free Trial On Xbox

After almost a decade in development, Skull & Bones is now out in the wild following a generous beta period in the run up to launch. However, it appears that this open beta — and the full game's free trial — haven't convinced too many players to go ahead and buy the game.

A new report from Insider Gaming claims that Ubisoft's pirate adventure currently has about 850,000 players - and that number is said to include Free Trial users as well. If accurate, you can expect the full sales figure to be a chunk lower than the reported 850k total player count.

The report also contains a small quote from one anonymous developer - a developer who says that "this is a $30-$40 game at best". The game's $70 price tag is thought to have contributed to the game's performance levels so far. Despite this, the average player is said to be spending 3-4 hours per-day with it right now, which sounds pretty impressive!

We're not sure where this figure sits in the grand scheme of things for Ubisoft, but given how long this game has been in development it's safe to assume they probably wanted more people to jump in and play it at launch. Read up on what we thought of Skull & Bones down below.

What do you think to all this? Expected more people to buy Skull & Bones? Go ahead and plunder our comments section down below.