Rumour: Xbox Planning To Bring More Games To PS5, Despite Some 'Unease' At Microsoft

Earlier this year, we saw four fantastic Xbox exclusives making their way over to PS5 (along with PS4 / Nintendo Switch in some circumstances) in the form of Grounded, Pentiment, Sea Of Thieves and Hi-Fi RUSH.

Ever since the announcement, we've been wondering if more Xbox first-party games will follow the same pattern, and according to Windows Central's Jez Corden, it sounds like plans are already well underway for this at Microsoft.

"More upcoming Microsoft-owned games slated for PlayStation are already being developed. At least for now, they're potentially obvious games you'd most likely expect."

Windows Central claims that the codename for bringing Xbox games to other platforms is known as "latitude" internally, and inside of Microsoft, there's some "debate" and "unease" about whether it's a good idea or not.

Although certain people might not be massively confident in the idea, the outlet says that it's heard Microsoft is pushing for "no red line" in terms of which Xbox games could end up on PlayStation, which apparently revolves around a mandate from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and CEO Amy Hood to "increase every department's margins".

In a reply on social media yesterday, Corden suggested that it's the Microsoft CEO who's particularly keen on this:

Keep in mind this is just a rumour for now, and Xbox has yet to confirm any further games for PS5 or Nintendo Switch.

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