Xbox Games Are Enjoying A 'Positive Upward Trend' On PS5, Suggests New Analysis

One of the biggest bits of Xbox news we've seen this year has been the decision to bring multiple first-party games to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, and looking at the latest PS stats, it appears there's been a "positive upward trend".

This is according to data from GameInsights (via TrueTrophies), which takes its information from over 3.1 million PlayStation accounts. Based on this, the most recent release of Grounded seems to be doing best on PS4 and PS5 so far, with 49.11% more active players than Hi-Fi RUSH's PS5 launch, and 89.18% more than Pentiment's Sony debut.

The stats appear to show that Xbox is steadily achieving more success with each PlayStation release, and with Sea Of Thieves on the horizon, that's almost certainly going to continue - especially considering pre-orders have been very successful for Rare's seafaring adventure on PS5.

How does all of this translate to actual sales though? Well, we really don't have the details on that, aside from a suggestion that Grounded did OK, but didn't exactly dominate PlayStation's most played games chart in its debut week. Xbox will be keeping a close eye on all four of these titles to see how they fare on other consoles, and if they do end up proving a big success sales-wise, it's surely only a matter of time before more first-party games follow suit.

Have you bought any Xbox games on PS5 so far? Surprised by these results? Tell us down below.

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