Proteus Controller
Image: Xbox, ByoWave

As part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Microsoft's Gaming Accessibility Team has today unveiled the Proteus Controller.

Xbox has been "collaborating closely" with its partners at ByoWave to develop this new controller, which is described as a modular adaptive kit that gives disabled gamers "the tools to build their own way to play".

"The unique modular video game controller kit features innovative ‘snap and play’ parts that easily connect together and comes with everything that gamers need to play their favorite Xbox and PC games right out of the box."

According to the ByoWave website, this controller allows players to build over "100 million traditional and custom configuration and LED lighting variations".

Pre-orders for this controller are now available from Byowave. The controller is currently available for $255 USD, which is 15% off its regular price of $299 USD, and units are expected to ship in Fall 2024.

"What's included: Power Cube x 2, Charge Spacer x 1, Analog Cube 1 x Left 1 x Right, Half Cube x 1, Edge Spacer x 2, Xbox Peripheral x 1, Dpad Peripheral x 1, Trigger Peripheral 1 x Left 1 x Right, One Button Peripheral x 2, Mini Analog Stick x 1, Socker Cover x 9, Plug Cover x 1, Plug Mount Cover x 1"

Proteus Controller
Image: ByoWave

Microsoft has also announced new updates for its Adaptive Controller - expanding support for more accessories connected via USB port, with each port now supporting up to 12 buttons, a second stick and hat switch.

You can learn more about Xbox's accessibility efforts in its latest blog post.