We're really looking forward to the release of Hypercharge: Unboxed on Xbox later this month, so we recently talked to the game's Creative Gameplay & Marketing Director (Joe Henson) who provided us with an interview that you'll be able to read in its entirety on Pure Xbox very soon.

Before then though, we thought we'd tease you with a couple of answers that you might want to be aware of ASAP, and that includes the resolution and FPS targets for the game across all four Xbox consoles.

Something we should note before sharing this information is that Joe advised it's "very difficult" for him to give the exact specs right now, so anything he says here is subject to change. In other words, don't take the following as 100% fact, as it could change before release on May 31st. Here's what he told us:

"Here’s a rough breakdown: The Xbox Series X generally runs in dynamic 2160p (4K), while the Xbox Series S usually hovers around 1728p but can potentially hit 2160p as well. The Xbox One X operates at 1080p, and the Xbox One S typically runs at around 972p, though it might reach 1080p on occasion. Across all these platforms, our target is always to hit 60fps."

Once again, keep in mind that the resolution and FPS details here could change before launch, but as things stand, this is sounding very good indeed. We're looking forward to sharing the rest of this interview with you soon as well!

As for the game itself, Hypercharge: Unboxed is a first and third-person shooter game in which you take the role of action figures - fighting across a story campaign, local play with bots, and even online PvP. Xbox pre-orders are already live on the Xbox Store at a very reasonable £22.49 / $26.99, which includes a 10% discount right now.

We'll leave you with another little tease of what Joe told us in our recent interview:

"Get ready to be hit with a wave of nostalgia when you play Hypercharge - it really takes you back to the roots of action shooters. We just hope it brings a big smile to everyone's face who plays it!"

Excited for Hypercharge: Unboxed on Xbox? Let us know down in the comments section below.