One of the big Xbox releases heading our way in May 2024 is the long-awaited Hypercharge Unboxed, which is finally bringing its "first and third-person shooter action figure game" to Xbox consoles on Friday, May 31st.

Sadly, ahead of launch, the game's official Twitter (or "X") account has been highlighting the "trolls" who are claiming that because it's not launching on Game Pass, Hypercharge Unboxed is already set up for failure on Xbox.

In a follow-up series of tweets, the person leading the account made sure to note that they're not targeting this message at Xbox fans or the Game Pass service, but simply those who "constantly criticize us and hate on the game for not being on Game Pass".

Here's a bit more of what they had to say:

"I'm quite shocked at how many trolls have come at us for not launching on Game Pass (TikTok is the worst) - but yeah. We're not launching on Game Pass. We believe our indie game is a fair price and will be worth the purchase. Thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered."

"This isn't targeted at Xbox gamers, by the way. It's directed at the trolls who constantly criticize us and hate on the game for not being on Game Pass. We love Game Pass; it offers so many perks! But just because a game isn't on it doesn't mean it's not worth buying or trying."

Let's not turn this into a PlayStation vs. Xbox thing, alright? It's really about handling some pretty tough comments we keep getting. Terms like 'dead game', 'dead on arrival', and 'if it’s not on Game Pass, we're not playing' pop up A LOT. Hearing this stuff every day really gets to me. I know it’s just a loud few who don’t speak for all our awesome fans, but hey, I’m human too! It hurts when you’ve put everything into making something, and trolls just completely crap on it for not being on Game Pass. Again, this isn’t a dig at Xbox players at all - it's the trolls who make gaming and game dev a not so nice place... Thank you to all our fans, whatever console you're on, we really do appreciate your support and kind words."

Obviously there's little doubt that launching on Xbox Game Pass would have increased Hypercharge Unboxed's playerbase considerably at launch, but there seems to be a lot of hype around this new release anyway (the YouTube trailer above has well over 100,000 views), so we're assuming it's going to prove pretty popular later this month.

We're definitely looking forward to it at least - we'll try and provide an Xbox review as soon as we can!

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