Xbox Graces Cover Of PlayStation Magazine For Possibly The First Time Ever
Image: PLAY Magazine, GamesRadar

It's sadly been a few years now since the Official Xbox Magazine closed its doors, but there are still some great gaming magazines on the market like Edge and Retro Gamer, as well as the PLAY Magazine for PlayStation fans.

And in what might be a first for the magazine industry, Xbox is gracing the cover of PLAY this month! The magazine has a big 12-page feature on Xbox's new PS5 additions such as Sea Of Thieves and Hi-Fi RUSH, including some reviews.

"This might be a world first - an Xbox game on a PlayStation mag cover! That's right, you're holding history in your hands thanks to the bold new strategy from Xbox to release former console exclusives multiplatform. And good ones too. We can't complain about having more to play on our PS5s!"

We can't profess to having read this edition of PLAY Magazine just yet (it's only just been released), but we still love perusing through the latest gaming magazines in 2024, so this might have to be next on the list!

As far as we know this is a primarily UK-based mag, but you can also get digital versions via the likes of Magazines Direct and Pocket Mags, so if you're curious about what's in here, it should only cost a few pounds or dollars to find out.

Do you still read gaming magazines? What are your favourites? Tell us in the comments down below.