Xbox Game Pass's Texas Chain Saw Massacre Gets Free DLC Promotion

Back in November The Texas Chain Saw Massacre dev started adding new DLC characters to the game at $10 a pop, which seemed like a fairly controversial move at the time. Well, several months & DLC packs later, and the team is starting to bundle them in with the base game as part of a special promotion.

During this week's 'Unhalloween' sale, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is 40% off for all players on Xbox. However, if you're a Game Pass member, you can take advantage of that same deal to buy the game outright - while also getting two bonus DLC characters at no extra cost.

Those characters would be 'Danny' and 'Nancy', who arrived in the first wave of DLC characters back in November. The full game discounted is $24 right now, so, you'll be getting an extra $20 worth of content bundled in here at no extra charge - should you wish to own the game outside of Xbox Game Pass.

As far as we're aware these characters aren't supposed to be free if you're just accessing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre through the Game Pass library, but some Game Pass players are reporting that they're free for them. It doesn't seem to be happening for everyone, but it's worth checking your 'Just For You' deals on the Xbox Store to see what crops up!

If you're not so lucky, this deal is only really worth considering if you'd like to continue playing the game if and when it leaves Game Pass. Still, it's a nice bonus for owners of the full game - and the deal is live until Tuesday, April 30th.

Have you been playing this slasher since it arrived on Game Pass? Rev up your keyboards and tell us down in the comments section!