Time Is Running Out For Hundreds Of Games On The Xbox 360 Store

Last year, Microsoft dropped a bombshell on us by announcing that the Xbox 360 Marketplace would be closing forever as of July 29th, 2024, and now somehow we're just over three months away from that date!

This sadly means that hundreds of non-backwards compatible digital games will be affected, including some pretty major releases such as Fight Night Round 3 and Test Drive Unlimited 2. Both of those still have physical copies of course, but there are around 200 games in the list that are digital exclusives and will disappear for good.

If you didn't catch our coverage about this last year, here are some of the most notably affected games:

The good news is that many of the Xbox 360 store's digital games are backwards compatible on modern consoles, and those games won't be delisted on July 29th. Plus, if you decide to buy anything on the Xbox 360 marketplace before that date, you'll still be able to re-download it in the future - at least, you should be able to in theory.

For those of you who have Xbox 360 consoles still hooked up in 2024, it's time to browse the Xbox 360 store for anything you might be interested in buying before the end of July. Don't forget there are free trials and demos on there as well, so hit the "download" button on those while you can before you lose the opportunity forever!

Do You Still Use Your Xbox 360 In 2024? (3,855 votes)

  1. Yes, I use it all the time!17%
  2. Fairly often, yeah14%
  3. Now and again20%
  4. Rarely, but it's been known13%
  5. No, I don't use it at all!13%
  6. I used to have a 360, but I don't now18%
  7. I've never owned an Xbox 360 actually...6%

Will you be buying anything before the Xbox 360 store closes in July? Tell us down in the comments.