200+ Digital-Only Games Set To Be Impacted By Xbox 360 Store Closure
Image: Section 8: Prejudice

Yesterday brought us the news that the Xbox 360 store will be closing in July of 2024, meaning a bunch of great games will be delisted forever on the platform. As long as you buy them prior to the closure date you'll still be able to redownload them in the future, but if you wait too long to purchase them, you'll be out of luck come August of next year.

While we've already highlighted some of the top Xbox 360 titles that will be losing their digital versions in 2024, a lot of those also have disc versions, so it's just the digital part that'll be removed. However, it seems there are over 200 digital-only titles on the Xbox 360 store that won't be available on the console in any form as of mid-next year.

Our friends over at VGC have compiled an exhaustive list of those 200+ titles, some of the highlights of which we've included below. In fact, we think they haven't quite found all of them, as something like Section 8: Prejudice isn't featured on the list despite being a digital-only title - so there might actually be more than we think!

Here are some of the digital-only Xbox 360 titles that will be delisted in July 2024:

As disappointing as it might be to lose hundreds of Xbox 360 titles from the storefront, it's worth remembering that much of the list shared by VGC includes games that have since been re-released on more modern Xbox consoles.

Games that are backwards compatible on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are also set to remain on the newer Xbox store, so you'll still be able to purchase and enjoy those titles on newer systems in the future.

There are definitely still some big losses in the list though, so if you have access to an Xbox 360 and you're keen on checking out some of these digital-only games, you'll want to make sure you buy them before late July of 2024.

Which of these are you most disappointed to be losing? Let us know down in the comments below.

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