A Bunch Of Great Xbox 360 Games Will Be Delisted Forever Next Year
Image: Gun

Today's announcement that the Xbox 360 marketplace will be closing in July 2024 means that a whole bunch of content is set to be delisted forever next year, as quite a lot of it never transferred over to the modern Xbox Store.

Of course, hundreds of original Xbox / Xbox 360 games are backwards compatible on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, but other non-BC titles have been limited to the "Games on Demand" and "Xbox Live Arcade" sections on the Xbox 360 store. Many games never actually got a digital release on Xbox 360, but there's still around 1000 titles on there.

We've had a quick look through the store to pick out some highlights of games that will be delisted forever as of next year, which means the only way you'll be able to buy them is physically (or not at all for the digital-only releases).

Here's just a small selection of titles that look set to be delisted in 2024:

As mentioned, these are all Xbox 360-only titles and many of them have physical versions anyway, but something to keep in mind is that when the digital store closes, their disc variants will likely get a price increase.

In terms of backwards compatible titles specifically, Microsoft has made a big effort in bringing BC games over to the modern store in recent years, so we're struggling to find any that are still exclusive to the old Xbox 360 marketplace at first glance. If you notice anything that's backwards compatible but can't be bought on the modern store, let us know!

If you want to check out the full list of games for yourself, you can find it under the "Games" section of the Xbox 360 marketplace on your console. Look for the "A-Z" categories and then scroll through the list searching for anything that's not marked as "Xbox One" to find the games that will likely disappear forever as of July next year. That said, keep in mind that a few of them have since received newer / remastered versions for modern Xbox consoles.

What else have you found that will likely be delisted on Xbox 360 in 2024? Tell us down below!