Poll: What Do You Think Of The Fallout TV Show's First Season?

It's been well over a week since the Fallout TV show debuted on Amazon Prime, and we've been patiently sitting and waiting to get the Pure Xbox community's opinions on it ever since - and it feels like now's finally a good time, especially considering it just got picked up for a second season!

As you probably know, the entire first season of the show dropped at once on April 10th/11th, so while some of us may have binged it within a day, others may have taken a little longer to finish it. Everyone's got different circumstances, so we don't want to talk about any spoilers in this article, and therefore we're not going to go into story specifics.

What we will say is that clearly the critics were impressed with it! The series currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 94% with an Audience Score of 88%, while the IMDB rating is at a very high 8.6/10. The Metacritic rating doesn't fare quite as well (as it often doesn't), but it's still pretty decent at an average of 73/100.

So, let's do this! We'd love to hear what score you'd give the Fallout TV show in the poll down below, and then please go into detail in the comments about your thoughts on the series so far - but without giving any spoilers away!

What Score Would You Give The Fallout TV Show (S1)? (989 votes)

  1. 10/10 (Outstanding)38%
  2. 9/10 (Excellent)28%
  3. 8/10 (Great)11%
  4. 7/10 (Good)4%
  5. 6/10 (Not Bad)3%
  6. 5/10 (Average)1%
  7. 4/10 (Poor)  0.9%
  8. 3/10 (Bad)  0.4%
  9. 2/10 (Terrible)  0%
  10. 1/10 (Abysmal)  0.9%
  11. I haven't finished it yet, but it's good so far5%
  12. I haven't finished it yet, and I don't like it so far  0.8%
  13. I haven't watched it yet, but I will6%
  14. I haven't watched it yet, and I don't plan to2%

What do you think of the Fallout TV show on Amazon Prime? Tell us in the comments down below.