Moon Studios Hopes Fans Get Why It 'Won't Be Making Ori 3 Anytime Soon'

In and around the launch of its next big game No Rest for the Wicked, developer Moon Studios has been talking plenty about its popular Xbox series Ori - and why it likely won't return to the IP anytime soon. This weekend, the team has added further context behind this; claiming that it'll be working on No Rest for the Wicked "for another 5-10 years".

Yep, it sounds like the team has big plans for its new action RPG, which launched in PC Early Access a little over a week ago. Moon Studios' Thomas Mahler posted a note on Twitter about the game, and the team's plans at this stage.

Here's a sample of Mahler had to say:

"Folks, we're nowhere near done with No Rest for the Wicked. There is so much that we've already built that none of you even know about and we want to deliver this in a masterful way!"

"No Rest for the Wicked is like our Lord of the Rings. And to further use this analogy, what we've done so far is akin to doing a 'test screening' of the first bits. 1.0 will be our 'Fellowship of the Ring'. And as you all know, there's lots to come after that. So to be clear: We'll be working on No Rest for the Wicked for another 5-10 years."

In their replies to this particular post, Mahler said that they "hope now you folks understand why we won't be making Ori 3 any time soon!". Clearly, their famous Xbox franchise is on the backburner whilst the team continues to build out No Rest for the Wicked.

Thankfully, an Xbox Series X|S port is part of Moon Studios' plans with No Rest for the Wicked. The team re-confirmed that console versions are coming earlier this month ahead of the game's impressive PC Early Access launch.

Hyped for No Rest for the Wicked on Xbox? Disappointed about no Ori 3 yet? Tell us if you have mixed feelings about the situation below.