Ori Dev Explains Why It Decided Against Third Entry In The Franchise, For Now

Ori developer Moon Studios has talked about its future in a new interview with Game Informer - a future that's laser-focused on No Rest for the Wicked at the moment. A third Ori game has been discussed though, and while the team has decided against pressing on with 'Ori 3' for now, it hasn't completely ruled it out in future.

The reason behind Moon's pivot to a new game is primarily because Moon Studios felt happy with where Ori and the Will of the Wisps ended things, and while "some ideas" have been bounced around for a third entry, the team is "completely focused on No Rest for the Wicked for the time being".

"I think we were able to complete the story of Ori. It's a complete arc now; if you play both games, it's a complete story. So it felt like the only way we would come back to Ori 3 is if we have more to say, more story to tell.

I have some ideas, but so far, right now, we are completely focused on No Rest for the Wicked for the time being."

As for whether a new Ori game would be published by Microsoft, the team didn't touch on that here in this article. However, Moon Studios' creative director Thomas Mahler did talk about Microsoft just last month, stating that he "100% believes in where Phil is heading" with the future of Xbox.

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