Ori developer Moon Studios has just dropped its latest trailer for No Rest for the Wicked; the team's upcoming action RPG coming to Steam Early Access this week. That Early Access date is confirmed for April 18th, while the studio has also taken the opportunity to remind us that an Xbox Series X|S version is still in the works.

For now, the Xbox version isn't dated - but we know it's coming at a later date alongside the PS5 release. You can check out how the game is shaping up in Early Access up above, and here's a bit more about what to expect from the Ori dev's next game:

"No Rest for the Wicked introduces a hand-crafted world, rich in details and with an inimitable, “painting” art style. Players explore an intricate and vast island called Isola Sacra that allows them to experience verticality in a way that is unmatched in other ARPGs with spelunking depths of crypts, lush forests, and treacherous mountain passes. Each location is home to complex protagonists with their own problems, hidden treasures, ferocious creatures, and secrets to discover."

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