Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The Czech video game developer Warhorse Studios has been busy working on Kingdom Come: Deliverance since 2018 and in the latest update, it seems the team is finally ready to unveil its next project.

If you are wondering exactly what the big reveal might be, according to Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson, it's supposedly "Kingdom Deliverance 2" - so, a sequel to the original title. In some posts on social media, Henderson goes onto mention how this "isn't wishful thinking" and it's seriously happening:

According to Warhorse, this "new game reveal will take place next week on 18th April 2024 via YouTube and Twitch. Keep in mind nothing will be officially confirmed until then.

Earlier this week, Henderson's previous reports about Ubisoft releasing a new roguelike Prince Of Persia game this year were made official, when Dead Cells' co-developer Evil Empire lifted the lid on The Rogue Prince of Persia.

If you haven't played Kingdom Come: Deliverance yet, it's a story-driven RPG medieval game, where you take control of a character named Henry who is thrust into an adventure in the Holy Roman Empire. The same title is currently on sale in select regions.

Would you be interested in a sequel to Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Have you played this game on Xbox yet? Let us know in the comments.