Update (Thu 11th Apr, 2024 06:45 BST):

And sure enough, Ubisoft has now officially revealed The Rogue Prince of Persia - a 2D roguelite action platform adventure by the Dead Cells' co-developer Evil Empire. It's coming to Steam Early Access next month on 14th May, and if we hear any updates about a release on other platforms, we'll let you know.

"Starring a new take on the Prince, the game begins shortly after he provokes an invasion by the Huns, who steamroll Persia's defenders with their dark shamanic magic. Luckily, this Prince carries a magical bola that saves him from death and returns him to the last safe time and place he visited - in this case, a desert oasis where players will find themselves after every defeat."

You can learn more about the game on Ubisoft's official website.

Orignal article (Wed 3rd Apr, 2024 12:30 BST):

After the critically-acclaimed launch of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown earlier this year, Ubisoft is reportedly planning to release another new entry in the PoP franchise "later this year".

This information has been shared in an "exclusive" from Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson. This supposed release, which has been in development for around four years, is reportedly being made by Dead Cells' co-developer Evil Empire and is titled 'The Rogue Prince of Persia'.

According to the source, it will take the form of a "roguelite" and will receive "constant free updates and evolve over time based on community feedback" with an artstyle drawing inspiration from "Franco-Belgian comics".

It's believed Ubisoft has it scheduled to release in Early Access on Steam, but there's no mention of other platforms.

As for the highly-anticipated Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake, little has been said about its development recently, aside from Ubisoft confirming it had achieved an "important internal milestone" back in November of last year.

If we hear any updates, we'll let you know.

[source insider-gaming.com]