Back in 2022, the dev team behind toy soldier-shooter Hypercharge: Unboxed began heavily teasing an Xbox release for its PC title, and after a chunk of time and numerous internal delays, they're back at it again with a fresh Xbox tease.

Taking to Twitter this weekend, developer Digital Cybercherries says that "something BIG is coming" for the title, and it's definitely related to the Xbox console version of the game.

Now, what exactly this refers to is a little more cryptic, but there are some big teases in here. First off is an obvious one — the 'new package' could refer to an Xbox copy or bundle of some sort — but there also some more subtle hints, such as the '2024/05/01' code printed on the box - pointing towards something happening on May 1st.

In any case, we should hear more about the game's long-awaited Xbox release soon. Back in December, the team said that the Xbox version was "feature-complete", so it's likely been polishing things up for the big launch since then.

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