The 12th season of Sea Of Thieves is upon us!

To coincide with the launch of the game on PS5 tomorrow (April 30th), Season 12 is bringing a bunch of new features to Xbox, PS5 and PC, including multiple new weapons and even the addition of ziplines and Harpoon lines!

The "Double Barrel Pistol" and "Throwing Knives" are the two main additions to the weapons list here, but there are also new "Scattershot" cannonballs that break into four when fired, and the new "Bone Caller" throwable allows you to summon skeletons that will fight on your behalf for a short period until they "explode in a shower of bones".

Elsewhere, there's a new treasure artefact called the "Horn of Fair Winds" which essentially allows you to manipulate the wind in a variety of ways, and those aformentioned ziplines have been added to the islands around Sea of Thieves in order to provide much quicker methods of traversal. Harpoon lines achieve the same thing as well, but are more customisable as you can fire them from your ship to anywhere that's within reach and then balance your way across.

There's a lot more to discover about Sea of Thieves Season 12 in the update video above, and don't forget that crossplay will be fully supported between the Xbox, PS5 and PC versions as of this Tuesday. A new era begins!

How are you getting on with Sea of Thieves at the moment? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

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  5. It's just not my thing to be honest!19%