Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Pokes Fun At Ubisoft's 'AAAA' Skull & Bones Claim

Polish developer CD Projekt Red is very much in the 'AAA' gaming realm these days, especially after the launches of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3. However, in a recent financial call Q&A, CDPR made an interesting comment about its future games, after a witty question from one particular investor.

Basically, said investor asked if the team was following in Ubisoft's footsteps by going into 'AAAA' development - a comment the French game maker made about its pirate adventure Skull & Bones. CDPR then poked fun at this comment with its response, saying that its games will now be 'AAAAA' instead.

Investor: "Serious, funny question: UBI-Soft has announced that it is now releasing AAAA games. Will you therefore dare to reassess whether CD Projekt will continue to produce 'only' AAA?"

CDPR: "Ours will be AAAAA"

Ubisoft claimed that its recent pirate adventure Skull & Bones is a "quadruple-A" game in terms of size and scope - a comment that's probably haunted the team and that particular release since. We certainly didn't find the team's first 'AAAA' title that entertaining, even if Ubisoft has boasted about high player engagement since release.

In terms of what's next for the Cyberpunk 2077 developer, the team is now heads down on 'The Witcher 4' development following the release of its well-received Phantom Liberty expansion last September.

What do you make of these jokey comments from CDPR? Discuss your thoughts down below.

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