Cliffy B's 'LawBreakers' Makes Surprise Return Thanks To Fan-Led Resurrection

Cliffy B's now-defunct studio BossKey never brought its hero shooter LawBreakers to Xbox, despite last year's update that sparked fresh interest in the title. Well, one year later, that interest still seems to be there - despite an Xbox release remaining unlikely.

A group of LawBreakers fans have resurrected the PS4 & PC shooter, thanks to an unofficial launcher built to circumvent the game's currently-offline state. Folks have been playing it on PC over the last few days, and here's a look at some footage:

As far as we're aware this launcher doesn't apply to the PS4 version of the game right now, and as we said, it's not an official revival from publisher Nexon - so it's best to be aware of that before looking into this new way to play. Still, it's pretty cool to see LawBreakers get another lease of life like this!

As we mentioned with reference to last year's update, an Xbox release still seems unlikely, but never say never! Back in April 2023, creator Cliff Bleszinski said he'd be in contact with his lawyer about the future of LawBreakers, but we haven't had a public update on that discussion since.

Did you play LawBreakers? Would you be up for an Xbox release? Tell us what you think down below.