Could PS4 Exclusive 'Lawbreakers' Be Coming To Xbox? Creator Cliffy B Provides Update

Remember LawBreakers? The 2017 PS4 & PC shooter was perhaps Cliff Bleszinski's most high profile release following the famous designer's departure from the Gears of War franchise. Around release the game didn't manage to retain its player base, before ultimately being shut down - but is the ill-fated FPS on for a revival?

Well... we're not so sure, but 'Cliffy B' is teasing something to with the title. The former Epic Games dev took to Twitter yesterday to post a somewhat cryptic tweet about his lawyer providing some fresh information on LawBreakers. Other than that hidden revelation, he's told us to "stay tuned".

In the time since the game's 2017 launch, Cliffy B has been pretty candid about his time heading up developer Boss Key Productions, and some of the mistakes that were made around launching LawBreakers. Fans of Bleszinski's previous work on Gears often pointed at the lack of an Xbox release being a potential factor — given his history with the brand — and even Cliffy B himself admitted it would have probably been a good idea to launch LawBreakers on Xbox.

Of course, hindsight is 20-20 and we don't have the data on how much an Xbox release would have helped. Still, in the era of Xbox Game Pass we could see LawBreakers getting a solid second chance - there was definitely a decent core to this game under the hood!

What do you make of this tweet? Do you expect to see the game make a comeback, potentially on Xbox? Let us know your thoughts.