Image: Blizzard

Blizzard's annual event 'BlizzCon' won't be taking place this year, and while there's been some speculation it could have been a decision made by a "higher up" at Microsoft, it's now been confirmed this is not the case.

A Blizzard spokesperson informed Windows Central "this is a Blizzard decision" and it's simply because "one single event at the end of the year" doesn't match up with its current schedule for 2024:

"This isn't the first time we're skipping BlizzCon or trying something new...we want to focus on highlighting individual games and their moments - Warcraft’s multiple anniversaries, the upcoming releases of World of Warcraft: The War Within and Diablo IV’s first expansion, Vessel of Hatred in particular."

Although BlizzCon won't be taking place in 2024, it's not completely cancelled - with the original announcement mentioning how the event would return in the future:

"After careful consideration over the last year, we at Blizzard have made the decision not to hold BlizzCon in 2024. This decision was not made lightly as BlizzCon remains a very special event for all of us, and we know many of you look forward to it. While we’re approaching this year differently and as we have explored different event formats in the past, rest assured that we are just as excited as ever to bring BlizzCon back in future years."

Later this year, Blizzard will launch its first Diablo 4 expansion. As noted, it's also got plans for the Warcraft anniversary.

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