Diablo 4 Gets New Lease Of Life On Xbox Thanks To Successful Game Pass Launch

Microsoft finally graced us with its first ActiBlizz Xbox Game Pass addition at the end of March in the form of Diablo 4, and its arrival has given the Xbox platform a huge boost already.

Xbox exec Sarah Bond has revealed that Xbox has become the biggest platform for Diablo 4 since it came to the Game Pass service on March 28th. Here's what Bond had to say about the launch in an internal email to employees; while also touching on Xbox's pipeline of new releases:

"We are integrating Activision Blizzard King titles into our services — we launched Diablo IV into Game Pass, and Xbox has quickly become the #1 platform for D4 players,

We are integrating with Battle.net, all while launching CoD: Warzone Mobile and preparing for the upcoming Hellblade II, Avowed, and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle."

Diablo has always been a PC-centric series, so, it's no small feat for Xbox to become the top platform for this latest release. Of course, we're still very close to the Game Pass launch at present and it remains to be seen how Diablo 4 will perform on Xbox in the long run.

This particular game marks the start of what will hopefully become a huge plus point for Xbox Game Pass - Activision Blizzard being present in the library. Rumours are already swirling that more of the ActiBlizz portfolio is coming soon, and we're very much looking forward to that.

Is Diablo 4 in your regular Game Pass rotation now? Let us know in the comments down below.

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