Halo TV Show - Season 2
Image: Paramount

Season 2 of Halo on Paramount Plus kicks off this week and so far the critic reception has gone down pretty well. If you are wondering whether now is the time to jump in or not, one of the newcomers to the show's cast thinks it's the perfect time.

When asked by GamesRadar+ if fans should hop straight into Season 2, actor Joseph Morgan who plays a "high-ranking ONI officer" named James Ackerson in the show - said he told his family to "just jump in on season two". While Season 1 is still worth a look, Morgan admits the second season is "the Halo" he wanted to see as a "fan of the world and of the games":

"There’s definitely some strong parts of season one, a lot of worth in there and – of course – some great performances as well by the cast. But I think [season two] is the show – for me, at least."

"I feel like if you just want Master Chief’s helmet on, you’re never going to be happy. But if you want to show it’s faithful to the Halo canon and takes it more in a direction like the games that I played when I was a teenager, I think you’re going to like season two of the show...There’s a lot more character development, subtext, and the layers that I want… space politics, all of that sort of thing which is such a big part of Halo. We’re aiming really, really high with it."

Season 2 will focus on the response to the growing threat of the Covenant, and is apparently adapting the 'Fall of Reach'. You can see what the critics had to say about Season 2 in our roundup here on Pure Xbox:

Will you be checking out the second season of Halo's Paramount Plus show? Let us know in the comments.

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