First The Mini Fridge, Now We Might Be Getting An Xbox Series S Toaster

The Xbox Series X mini fridge was basically a meme turned into a real product when it launched back in late 2021, so we never really expected to see anything like it again. However, it's looking like this console-meets-fridge might not be the final Xbox-themed kitchen appliance on the way.

According to a post by French outlet Xbox Squad, an actual toaster based off the Xbox Series S console design is in the works. Seriously, an Xbox toaster. What is going on here?!

Unless this is some sort of early April Fools joke, the outlet appears to have some sort of partnership with a retailer in France and Belgium to get this thing shipped to customers - the above tweet contains a registration form of sorts for fans in those two regions.

In a full article posted by Xbox Squad, the source also claims that a full range of Xbox-themed products is on the way - including dinner plate sets, Series X-themed pen holders and more.

However, we're not entirely sure at this stage if any of these products are officially licensed like the Series X mini fridge was. We haven't heard a peep from Microsoft on any of this yet — or from any other source in the US / UK — so we're taking this whole thing with a pinch of salt right now. Or a good spread of melted butter, we should say.

Should we hear anything official we'll of course bring you the news, but it's best to treat this whole thing as a rumour for now. An Xbox Series S toaster though... that'd really be something!

What do you make of all this? Interested in a Series S toaster? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.