Gears of War

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski recently appeared on the 'Xbox Expansion Pass' podcast, reflecting on a funny story about the original plans for a blockbuster Gears of War movie.

According to the industry legend, also involved in series' such as Jazz Jackrabbit, executives wanted to make the ultra-gory Gears series a bit more accessible on the big screen with a PG-13 rating, and Cliffy B let them have it:

"People wanted to see the chainsaw, they wanted to see Locusts getting cut in half, and that would make it rated R. [Executives] wanted to make a PG-13 version of it, and I'm like 'No, screw you guys.'"

Another issue was the number of studios attached to the movie, with Bleszinski noting how "if it was just Legendary" there might have been a better chance of it happening. He also acknowledged how Hollywood has improved when it comes to adaptations, citing the recent success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie and The Last of Us on HBO.

Although the original Gears movie idea was eventually dropped, in recent years there's been a revival - with streaming giant Netflix confirming a movie and animated series in partnership with the development team The Coalition. Unfortunately, exact details haven't been shared just yet.

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